Single Mums Living in Bali - The Do's, Don'ts and Your Fears Dissolved - Trina Baldwin & Maggie Paul

54 minutes

Welcome to this SPECIAL EDITION of Worldschool TV. This week hosted by Trina Baldwin, and her Sista in Single Parenting, Maggie Paul. It’s an impromptu Q & A session specifically for Single Mums inside the Single Mums Do Travel Facebook Group.

They received such an amazing response to the information they provided that they decided to share it here with all their listeners on WorldSchool TV…as much of it is relevant to all types of families.

Trina and Maggie are both full time travelling single moms whose paths crossed earlier in their travels and crossed once again in Bali where they struck up a great friendship and together want to support as many single parents as possible to follow their dream to travel with their family.

First hand experience has shown them that single parents have situation specific, unique challenges and hurdles to cross when taking on the worldschooling lifestyle so out of a need for specific support and inspiration they will be hosting monthly shows that serve to support other single parents in their travels…whether they’re just dreams for now or currently underway.

Special thanks to "Trippin' Momma", Amoya Knudson for agreeing to let us run the Q & A in her group “Single Mom’s DO Travel”

Access the video version of this podcast, along with a wealth of other worldschooling knowledge and inspiration, by joining the WorldSchool TV Facebook group at

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